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Angus & Julia Stone January 1, 2011

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Pretty, pretty talented – they’re really quite fantastic. Songs after the jump




Prisoners Dilemma

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I thought I’d upload this for you. It is a presentation on prisoners dilemma that is, if not well written, still notable for being one of the most comprehensive around; I should know I went through everything else for the research!
It is quite large. anyway good luck, I’d love if you could correct the largely nonsensical language, I wrote it very fast, very late at night, very close to the deadline. (more…)


Not to darken things but…. here is a piece of work about incest avoidance

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What is the issue in the controversy over incest-avoidance? Can biology, psychology, or sociology settle it?

Incest avoidance has long been a debated subject in sociology due to question of whether it exists and if so how it came about, why it exists and by what mechanism is it played out? In this essay I look to highlight some psychological explanations such as the Westermarck effect and biological arguements such as avoiding genetic load. I will also try to explore where the incest taboo may have come from. (more…)


Lyric mania December 2, 2010

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Available for most handheld devices!

I don’t know about you but I could never remember let alone decipher lyrics. On the other hand, I remember the music vividly. I am almost embarrassed to say that I just don’t care about them – but I should! I just found an app called TuneWiki which screens the lyrics in time to your lyrics much like subtitles to a film. It works so well I almost feel too lucky! There is no excuse any more :p


Chillout… November 19, 2010

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Put this station on and you will get lost in its mysticism (click on the pic for website or alternatively select your link!).

Windows Media Player


Darvish Khan - Persian Music Ostad (Master)


I want to make this November 4, 2010

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Great guide here.


The Brilliance of… Chain Bear

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This is probably among the top ten web-comics I’ve ever seen. It sums up, disturbingly well, large portions of my recent history.